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how to use keywords for seo

How to use keywords for SEO

So after doing a lot of keyword research and analysis, you found a keyword that you want to target in a blog post, excellent.

This article will help you how to use keywords for SEO so that you can rank higher in the google search engine and get more targeted traffic to your website, and hopefully just get better results.

Now what’s great is that you have a target keyword in mind. That’s the first step. If you haven’t done that research yet to figure out which keywords to target, well make sure you find best keywords for SEO before moving ahead.

But after you have that keyword, what do you do then?

Well, let’s first talk about what most people do.

some people generally go crazy with that keyword and they stuff it everywhere in their article.
They have it three times in the title, 20 times in the description, As a result, some posts maybe do well and other ones not so much.

how to use keywords for seo

it just becomes something that a human who reads that blog post is not going to enjoy.

You do not wanna do that.

Now, this post will make it easy for you and I will explain how to use keywords for SEO.

So, let’s begin.

Choosing Keywords:

When it comes to keyword research, it’s research beyond just what that focused keyword is.
Finding a targeted keyword is not enough to rank in search result page.

It requires lot more than that. We need to do more research in and around to that focus keyword with the help of keyword planner tool for seo.

After choosing our focus keyword the next step is to check some parameters like search volume, competition, and relevant keywords.

how to use keywords for seo , how to use keyword planner
For this I would recommend using google keyword planner, it’s the best free keyword research tool to get in and around for your targeted keyword.
However, there are also some other tools available for keyword optimization to work with.

Keep in mind that the keyword you search should be low competition keywords and have relevant search volume because it is easier to rank low competition keywords as compared to high competition keywords.

Next, we wanna find some relevant keywords which relate to your focus keyword. This is quite easy to do, you need to just type your focus keyword in the google search box and scroll down to the bottom of the result page you will see some related searches for your keyword.

These are long tail keywords or related key term that people are using in and around that particular keyword topic.

how to use keywords for seo , how to use keyword planner
So we’re gonna keep track of those as well.

Now SEO and keyword research can go far deeper than this, It takes time to improve keyword ranking in the result page.

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Content Creation :

After getting everything done for keyword side, the second step is to create a quality content using your targeted keyword in it.

Here I will Tell you four different components to it,

The approach,

it’s going to be all about your approach. You want to approach your blog post as if you’re about to create something that is more amazing than any other blog post that’s out there on the internet.

And when you have that approach, you’re going to take a little bit more effort to create something that’s going to stand out from the rest.
It’s going to have somebody share it and also Google ranks it higher which obviously improve search ranking.
The approach is really important.

Here what you can do

Understand where users at. What are their pains and their problems?
And what transformation are you about to write for them?
How are you gonna create that transformation through this blog post?
That’s how your blog post is gonna be structured.

provide some sort of quick win, near the beginning of the post, maybe not necessarily the first paragraph, but in some way make it just within the first paragraph or two.
That’s gonna help users realize really quickly and easily.

Use of keyword

The second element of content-creation that’s really important related to these keywords is that you use your focus keyword, the target keyword that you want to rank for, in the first sentence of your blog post.

Use those keywords or key phrases exactly how you want them to be found in the first sentence of your blog post.

It doesn’t have to be the first set of words, but just naturally in the first sentence so that a person who reads it understands what this post is about and also Google when they crawl through it they’ll understand what it’s about, too.
This will help to improve search result.

Long Tail Keyword

The third element for content creation is those relevant keywords. They need to be sprinkled throughout the post as well,
The relevant keyword gives more weight to your post and it supports your focus keyword which is added after keyword research.

and the better that you can organize them, the more likely it is that it’s gonna be a well-structured post, such that it shows relevancy to that main keyword and also is something that a human being would enjoy reading, and it makes sense.

This helps Google determining what is the best content out there to serve when a person searches for that thing.

Heading, H3

make sure you include H3 sub-headers for different sections of your blog post.
There are a couple reasons why this is important.

Number one, you just don’t want a giant block of text that’s going to just bore people to death and look like an essay that you wrote in college.

You wanna write for people who are reading on the Internet, which means you need to make it scannable, which means you need to have different sections that are divided by these sub-headers, so bolder text, larger text, that just shows okay,

Now, if you can include relevant keywords and things people are typing into Google in those H3 sections as well, it’s gonna have a little bit more weight about that relevant keyword injected into your particular blog post.

Meta Data :

This is really what ties everything together after choosing keywords, and that is the MetaData.
Here it includes two things the front facing which is seen by users and the backend that Google will see.

how to use keyword for seo


The first front-facing thing which seen by the users is called the title of your blog post.
Now the title of your blog post is obviously very very important for a few reasons.
Number one, it’s the first thing that people see before they dive into any of the content that you write, so you need to make that title great, curiosity-driven, to share a little bit about what they’re going to get, but you also want it to match what they’re likely typing In to search and find your content.

So, very simple, when it relates to the keyword that you’re using, make sure your focus keyword is right there in that blog post title.


You also need to include your focus keyword right there in the description of your blog post.
The description is the part right underneath the title in the URL when a person finds you on Google result page, and this is really important to add your focus keyword in the description.

it also shows a person on the other end that that’s what it’s about, and you have a little bit more room to include a little bit about what that post is gonna help them do.

To make it more easy with WordPress blog you can use Yoast SEO plugin. It’s the best SEO plug-in that you can use, especially because it’s quite user-friendly, especially for beginners,


the URL, the web address is not so important for user perspective but it is very important for Google.

how to use keywords for seo
You should also include the focus keyword in there, so what it will do when you add your targeted keyword into URL it helps Google to find it easily. So your title matches to URL of your article or blog post

Alt Text

You should make sure that you make the alt text for those images something related to your focus keyword or a relevant keyword.

What is the alt text?

Well, when you’re including an image, there’s a number of fields that you can fill out,

how to use keywords for seo

like the title of that image and all sorts of things, captions, and one of the most important things is the alt text,

That is the text that shows up, if, for whatever reason image not actually load.
This text will show up instead. This is something that Google looks at, just to see what that image is about.
It also gives you a chance to be found in Google images search as well.

So, again, there are a thousand factors that go into what ranks a webpage on Google,
but this little SEO optimization will help to get better page rank in the search result page for sure.
We just talked about the foundational items. You can go way deeper into this.

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