12 Best Free SEO Tools That You Must Have in 2018

Today I’m going to talk to you about 12 Best Free SEO tools of 2018 that are going to help you to drive traffic and rankings for your website more effectively..

best free seo tools for 2018

what are seo tools?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization, which is a technique to rank any website or blog higher in search engines result page.

The technique requires some tools to accomplish the goal ,These SEO tools helps in SEOs recognize website issues, address problems, research links, and find keywords. In other words, these tools make SEO more easier.

I have mentioned 12 best free SEO tools for 2018 so let’s get started.

#1 Keyword planner

The first tool has a significant point in the search engine optimization business and that’s the Google Keyword Planner tool. It’s a free Google SEO tools that allow you to do research inside of Google to figure out how much search traffic specific term has.
It gives you data like the number of searches made for that term, competition, and lot more.

best free seo tools for 2018

You can look at the terms by different match types, by specific regions in specific countries, you can break out the keyword research in a lot of different ways and that is the reason it is one of the best free SEO tools for keyword research. I definitely recommend you check it out.

You can check google keyword planner tool free from this link

#2 Google Trend

The second tool in the list is Google Trends and it’s a really excellent tool among all the best free SEO tools, Google trend allows you to see topics by its overtime popularity, for example, if there’s a specific term like “digital marketing” then you’ll be able to see if it’s become more popular or less popular over time and it also allows you to pierce down into specific regions to see where it’s popular and where it’s not.
You can compare the popularity of two or more terms and it will give you searches over time.

best free seo tools for 2018

It can give you some good data for forecasting, it even has a forecasting element to it that’s going to show you if they believe that it’s going to become a bigger search term or a less important search term in the future. Try free google seo tools from here

Google search console

The next best free SEO tool is Google search console, this is one of the most important tools for webmasters earlier it used to be called Google webmaster tools but now it’s changed to Google search console this tool basically allows you to understand how Google is evaluating your website online and then it lets you manage various aspects of your website or blog site.

So make sure you submit your sitemap to google webmaster for crawling. Google search console shows if you have crawl errors in your website it’s going to tell you if you have errors in your pages.

it also gives data regarding how many links are pointing to your website and how much traffic you’re getting from Google organic search.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword shitter is a bulk keyword research tool, its the Best Free Longtail Keyword Search Tool which gives huge data for a specific term or keyword.it will keep scraping phrases around a given term to find more keywords until you stop the search. Check keyword shitter how it works.

best free seo tools for 2018

Answer the Public

Answer The Public is an automated autocomplete tool, probably one of the best free SEO tools to get tons of queries regarding a topic or term.

Answer the Public will give you plenty of potential topics around a given term or keyword, The results are then displayed in both image and data type with a variety of long tail queries related to that particular topic. Using Answer The Public you can gather a lot of untouched queries for your content.

best free seo tools for 2018

This tool is helpful in making content that is useful and engaging is likely to be shared and cited, attracting more traffic. Follow this link to check “Answer the public”

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a really cool lightweight crawler tool that allows you to crawl a website and it just spits back a ton of information related to the link, definitely one of the better crawler tools at present.

if you want to do a website transfer or if you just want to get a good summary of a website in every single element on it and understand its ability to be crawled right just based off of internal hyperlinks Xenu’s Link Sleuth is an awesome option. Just try this best free SEO tools from here

screaming frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites URLs like a search engine, identify common errors and issues, and perform a website SEO audit.

screaming frog crawls a site very quickly and spits back very similar information with respect to your targeted website.

best free seo tools for 2018

it crawls titles, the description, the H ones, the h2, the content, the amount of content on the page and the number of characters on the page it shows whether the page has a rel canonical or not. it’s very powerful tools for SEO. you can download this tool from here

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SEM Rush SEO Tool

SEMrush is a robust and versatile competitive intelligence tool for Digital marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. It is capable of finding profitable keywords.

It has developed a crawler that’s like screaming frog it has a digestive report that basically gives you an overview of what the crawl found that is a lot like a deep crawl.

SEM rush does some cool stuff much like the Google Keyword Planner tool in that it allows you to do keyword research a little bit easier than using the keyword planner.

best free seo tools for 2018

it also provides free SEO analysis so you can see who the top competitors are in that space you can also do a site comparison. Check out this cool tool from here.


SpyFu is a search analytics tool. Spyfu has been kind of a staple point in the search engine marketing industry for a long time and they do have organic traffic elements to it which is free of cost but it’s a little bit more on the paid side and there paid data is really cool.

best free seo tools for 2018

It’s a powerful tool and it’s got a couple of little niche features in there which is useful if you’re in the search engine marketing space. Checkout this best free SEO tools from here

Majestic SEO

Majestic Seo is the most popular Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing.

it’s one of the biggest link indexes in the world which I believe is true if you look at majestic compared to like a Moz their link index is way bigger and so that means that you can find all the links that are available in some cases even links that haven’t been indexed by Google.

majestic incredibly in-depth tool breaks down links in every single way.

If you need something that’s super robust for link research and analysis that’s going to be your tool.


Linkody is a back-link tracker & monitoring tool to manage link building campaigns. Linkody is a great free tool that keeps a track record of back-link added or lost.

 best free seo tools for 2018


pitch box  

pitch box is a link outreach tool that allows you to basically crawl the web to grab a bunch of email addresses and then email them a series of emails.

it can really help you with promotion activities with pitch box you can hit more people at one time now be careful the way that you do that you don’t want to be super annoying and spam the internet,  you should have a strategy behind your outreach.

Final words:

There are a lot of tools in search engine optimization are out there in the market from which i have mention some of the best free SEO tools and at the end of the day pick a tool from the SEO tools list that you feel comfortable with working.

These tools are maturing day by day and what they’re doing is they’re bringing a lot of features into their own platforms so each platform is becoming more holistic.

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  2. I’ve been having issues with my Windows hosting. It has set me back quite a bit while making the next list. This is the current list that I have. I should add another list in less than a week. I’ll let you all know when the next list is ready. Thank you for your patience.

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